Costs when buying a plot

What taxes and additional costs do I have to expect when buying a property?

Do not be afraid of additional costs

It's easy to set up a financial statement, and the following fees and taxes are due when you buy a property:

    • Notary fees and the costs of re-registration
    • ITP - Sales tax on the purchase of a property in resale
    • 1.2% "stamp tax" is sometimes charged. In Spanish this is called AJD (Actos Jurídicos Documentados)

Calculate the ITP (real estate transfer tax) correctly:


Selling price up to € 400.000                                           the ITP is  8%

Selling price up to 400.001€ to 600.000 €                 the ITP is  9%

Selling price up to 600.001€ to 1.000.000 €             the ITP is  10%

Selling price from 1.000.000 €                                       the ITP is 11%

SPECIAL CASE: If the seller of the property is a company (SL), then the land transfer tax (ITP) will be waived and 21% IVA (tax) will be charged.