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Rural plot situated in nice area near of Santanyi - S11519

This is a nice place to settle down. This plot is located in a quiet rural area. Easily accessible from a paved road at the front and a smaller paved road at the back of the plot. It is surrounded by fields and meadows with trees and shrubs. The plot size is about 41.000 sqm.  It exsit the possibility to build a house of 412 sqm according with the urban certificate from February 2017, but there isnt any project or licence.
Make your dream come true and build your house right here

Reference: S11519

41.342 m²
Rural property
Long distance view
200.000 €price


Close to town / village

… this house or a similar house could be your home on this plot.

Please be aware that this is a non-binding example house. More House-Designs and also individuell houses are possible
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