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Rural plot between Ses Salines and Santanyi - S11991

This beautiful flat plot is located near Ses Salines in the southeast of Majorca, in a quiet location but still not far away. From your future house you have a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. This rural property with an area of approx. 17.500 m2 offers enough space for the construction of your future house. The property is accessible via a dirt road and is already surrounded by a Majorcan stone wall. The property has electricity and a own well. This property is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet away from the city.

Reference: S11991

Ses Salines
Ses Salines
17.576 m²
Rural property
Long distance view
276.750 €price


Close to town / village
Power nearby available

… this house or a similar house could be your home on this plot.

Please be aware that this is a non-binding example house. More House-Designs and also individuell houses are possible
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